Win A Team YP Jersey!

Everyone loves them, everyone wants one: Team YP Jerseys!

By now you’ve probably seen the Team YP crew rocking their sexy jerseys, either in person at the Gamergy tournament this past Dec. where they took home 3rd place, or online where they’ve been making headlines around the globe, and you’ve probably said to yourself, “I want one!” Well, now is your chance to get one, for free!

In honor of the official launch of and all our team social media accounts, we’re giving everyone and anyone that follows Team YP on Twitter or likes Team YP on Facebook the chance to win exclusive team gear, including stickers, t-shirts, and the much coveted team jerseys! Here’s how it works:

100 Twitter Followers/100 Facebook Likes = Sticker Giveaways GOAL REACHED!
500 Twitter Followers/500 Facebook Likes = T-Shirt Giveaways GOAL REACHED!
1000 Twitter Followers/1000 Facebook Likes = Jersey Giveaway GOAL REACHED!

We’ll be giving away tons of stickers, 6-10 T-Shirts, and just 2 Jerseys. The prizes will be evenly distributed between Twitter followers and Facebook likes, and winners will be selected at random, so follow and like Team YP on both Twitter and Facebook to increase your odds of winning one of these awesome prizes.

This contest will only run for a limited time, so don’t wait around, enter for your chance to win today!

  • Faceless Void

    GGWP team YP TI6 champ