Welcome the newest member of TeamYP: Bizzarro Flame!

You voted, and we listened! TeamYP is proud to announce our very first sponsored fighting games player, Jason “Bizzarro Flame” Yoon.  A Super Smash Brothers player from California, he is the world’s best active Ganondorf player.

Bizz, with his precise and flashy playstyle, is an electrifying player and crowd favorite.  Traditionally Ganondorf is seen as a slower character, but Bizz’s smooth wavelands instill fear in all of his opponents.  With signature moves like uptilt and d-air, he makes the most of his character’s kit, earning notable accomplishments such as…

– Eliminating the legendary MaNg0 from Nice Shot Hugo, 2010.
– Taking a game off of MaNg0 at Kings of Cali 2014.
– Defeating Eikelmann, another notable Ganon main, 3-0 at the Apex 2015 Salty Suite.
– Taking a game off of the legendary Armada at I’m Not Yelling 2015.
– MIOM Top 100 Ranking.
– A successful Twitch.TV partnership.

Check him out on this GR Smash highlight reel:

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Make sure to look out for YP|Bizzarro_Flame at CEO on June 26-28!