Top European Overwatch Players Join Team YP

After months of practice with a fully French roster, Team YP is shaking things up by switching some of their most talked about players for top EU talent.

NEW YORK, NY (Apr 5th, 2017) Over the last few weeks some of our fans may have noticed a few switches going on within Team YP. The Overwatch Paris team has been practicing with some of the top players in Europe and has recently signed three of them to their roster.

“While we are sad to see some players go, we are confident in the abilities of the new team and are excited to start working together” said Brad Burns, VP YouPorn. Beginning early April Team YP Overwatch Europe will be the new Overwatch Paris. So which players will we see more of on our twitch stream this spring? First up, Clément Dubois, nickname: Quoizamama. Although Quoizamama is a fairly new to the Overwatch scene, he comes to Team YP with acquired skills and experience from his past life playing LoL and CS:GO. Next we have Christopher Ulmer better known by his gamer name EAX. He’s competed in multiple games including Evolve and Counter Strike, where at a young age he began playing with a top team. Another player who is familiar with playing with top teams is LoA. Coming from a Battlefield background LoA was a main helicopter pilot, jet pilot and infantry for one of the top teams in the game.

“We are so excited to welcome Quoizamama, EAX and LoA to Team YP” said Burns “this new roster will allow the team to expand internationally and compete at a higher level than ever before.”
Also helping us welcome these new players to the team are – of course, Nightwane long time captain of Team YP; Valmaster, pro gamer playing for Team YP Streetfighter IV and Overwatch; and finally Osnazeni, the newest Team YP Overwatch member who will be jumping ships from Team YP Overwatch France to join Team YP Overwatch EU.

The team will be competing in their first major tournament together at the end of April for the Gamers Assembly in Poitier, France. Follow them on twitter or twitch to keep up to date with the latest news.