Team YP officially searching for two Counter-Strike Global Offensive teams.

Gamers unite!

Team YP is actively looking to recruit two CS:GO teams to add to its growing roster.

We are seeking one all-female and one all-male Counter-Strike Global Offensive team to represent us on the pro gaming scene.

Don’t miss out on your chance to join one of the most talked about eSports organizations in the world.


Think you’re ready to join Team YP?
Are you and your team mates all over 18 years of age?

Has your team already competed in a few tournaments? Are you eager to take on more challenges?

Are you already active on social media platforms? Does your team have a high KD?

Then Team YP wants you!

Prove to us that your team has what it takes, and submit your application today!

  • ChloeLock

    ayy lamo

    • Tha Beast Jefferson

      Aren’t you the kio’s gf ?

      • ChloeLock

        yes bby

        • Tha Beast Jefferson

          When you’ll stream ?

  • Maciej ‘Pitowak’ Szymański


  • fagnatic fanboy

    wtf is this team youporn joining esports scene xd

  • 1nfidel

    It’s your chance Dosia 😀

  • I applied as a player. but I don’t know ;-; that was like 2-3 weeks ago

  • Sergey Zazymin

    The new structure on CS:GO looks for the sponsor, all team consists of excellent players, all 18+, we play together long ago, would like to get on about a scene, new Russian structure which is full of enthusiasm and desire to be the best!

  • Alexandr Kotov

    вы дно,донное,продажное дно и фаеатов у вас не будет!сливаите ска,какимто сильверам!задумайтесь!