Team YP enters League of Legends

Team YP is very excited to announce its next adventure; we’ve entered the League of Legends scene!

The newest members of Team YP are an all-female League of Legends team whose members were previously sponsored or part of various notable organizations including: gBots Club, LDLC, Team Acer and Xenodragons. They’ve proved their ability to deliver consistent results during LoL EU West 5on5 Ladies <3 LoL cups, placing first on multiple occasions and only improving over time. The Team YP League of Legends roster consists of:

TOP: Joanna “Myshka” Pigla, from Poland
MID: Tanja “Escape” Reither, from Austria
ADC: Laura “Aryenzz” Muñoz, from Spain
SUPPORT: Marlies “Maestra” Brunnhofer, from Austria
JUNGLE: Patrycja “Reniferka” Krumin, from Poland

Myshka and Escape are seasoned League of Legends players. They began their League of Legends adventure in Season One and Season Two respectively. They are extremely motivated players that strive for perfection in their gameplay. Maintaining a high level of synergy with their teammates is also very important to them. Aryenzz is an accomplished professional player; with her former team she has achieved a 1st place finish at DreamHack Bucharest. Her passion for League of Legends is evident whenever she competes. Reniferka has been a vital member of several professional female teams over the past three years. She took a temporary leave from her studies to focus on gaming and streaming, this choice has certainly paid off as she continues to exceed expectations. Last but not least, Maestra is new to the professional eSports scene, however, she is already proving to be a fierce competitor as well as a key member as the team’s support. All our new recruits have a track record of excellence, winning ESL cups and attending the ESWC in Paris. Our new roster is a force to be reckoned with.

The uphill battle that women face in the industry is still a reality: being a woman in this cutthroat business means you need incredibly thick skin and strength of character on top of admirable skill and talent. Furthermore, professional female teams are still offered less time under the spotlight. Team YP believes in equal opportunity for all, which is why our organization is ecstatic to support the female LoL scene by forming its own roster, consisting of some top female talents active on the EU West & EU Nordic and East servers.

The ladies are excited for things to come. “We will start playing in Go4LoL cups soon, because we are choosing to not only play against other female teams,” said Patrycja “Reniferka” Krumin. They are already taking the scene by storm and hope to become the best female team in Europe. They are focused and show no sign of slowing down.

Welcome to Team YP!

  • Mork Pinnye

    1 Diamond 5, 3 golds, 1 gold/silver.

    • SilvaColdwater

      Where? Because I know them all and nobody is gold/silver here xD

      • Bitte here you go. What a joke of a team. I looked up the rest of them on there is no way they could even beat a NA collegiate series team at any higher level.

        • Mac Halterman

          It’s a team sport… Thinking about this game based on single person talent would get you a spanking from Herb Brooks. You cannot judge a team by individual talent. This is a team sport, the single solo queue thinking is what has bred a hate filled community inside League anyway. If this sport is going to grow we’re going to have to look at a team level of thinking, based less on tactical decisions of players and more on strategic thinking of teams, that is what all the best pro-teams do. They could synergize very well as a team, and it’s unfair to judge them based on solo performance. If they play their way in then, who cares, we should be cheering for the growth of this sport and not denegrading the people who play it because they don’t play good on their own and play better with a team they can synergize and communicate with…

          • Mork Pinnye

            The game is a team sport, however individual skill influences the amount of decisions for the team.

            Nobody mentioned talent, I was referring to skill.

            Macro decisions are more significant than micro decisions, however you can’t completely ignore lack of micro decisions due to their less significance.

            Than can synergize well as a team, but as I said, their individual skill provides the amount of opportunities for the team itself.
            Your education directly influences your opportunities in life. Lack of education limits opportunities. That’s why companies don’t hire people without degrees unless they’ve had like 20 years experience. It will severely limit their production rate.

            A team like this doesn’t encourage growth of the sport. They allowed major events to ban adult industry sponsorship, but other than that, nothing.
            Having a bunch of bronze level teams, who are furthermore filled with morons with negatively influencing sponroships, won’t improve the sport.

          • Mac Halterman

            A good coach doesn’t look for the best players, he looks for the right ones. Herb Brooks man, can’t talk about coaching without him. What is more important is who will be hired as coach, which no on is talking about. It is up to a coach to train the individual skills you are talking about into these players. A coach can’t teach synergy, it’s impossible. Either a team has it or they don’t. A team can be good without it, but there hasn’t been a great team that couldn’t.The point being you can train skill into the right player, but you can’t make the wrong player synergize. Sorry, great companies don’t train the greatest Olympic teams of all time so I’d say the man has something to say about coaching theory. Also if having the best players together was all it takes to create a winning team: C9 would have the most world cups. Thankfully they don’t because that just isn’t true.
            This team isn’t filled with bronze players, three of their players have been solid players just below pro for many years, so that is a pretty ridiculous counter. The only fault their ADC has is that several managers think that the EU Meta would be too hard for a female ADC, which is just plain wrong.
            This also isn’t the early years of E–Sports anymore- there aren’t many “meta sponsorships” left. Newegg, Nvidia, Logitech, Razor… Companies we’re used to seeing as brand names have given out their sponsorship already. We’re going to have to see new brands enter the arena if we’re going to see a growth of teams. Which there are far too few professional teams as a personal opinion.

          • Luis Antonio DaVinci

            It all sounds cool and they may be a good team, but as you said “below pro”… And I’m no pro myself but the diference between Dia5 and challenger is inmense. They may have the best 5v5 team sinergy and comunication, but that matters not when a team with at least good comunication DESTROYS laning phase, simple as that, not even the best 5v5 team can recover against a “decent” comunication team where each player is more skillfull than his/her oponent and where by the time 5v5 comes the oposing adc has 5 or 6 kills advantage, to say the least.
            It’s a cool concept but they’ll never make it pro with that roster.

          • marc Porly

            Luis Antonia DaVinci has a point there. They are all low elo so they will lack of individual skills for sure. Even the highest one, the adc, has a negative win rate I dont know how it is even possible. They gonna have to train a lot and not sure a coach can be that helpfull at this elo. But yeah, no way they can reach LCS or CS for now. Gl too

          • Mork Pinnye

            Individual skills can be learned, but if the player doesn’t understand them, they can’t learn them. Similarily some people can’t understand maths as well as they understand English. Team YP might fall here, I don’t know. However if a professional team hasn’t got basic individual skills mastered, then I doubt the success of that team. This is where coaching comes into effect.

            The team seeks coaching to improve their understanding, the coach doesn’t seek the team (ignore looking for work opportunities/experience). Coaching isn’t just about training individual skill, it’s about providing both micro and macro insight, finding the best solution for a situation, and communicating that to the players.

            You say “a coach can’t teach synergy”, and I agree. They teach the best approach to a given situation. If a player can’t incorporate that approach into the game, they are a bad player. You talk about “right” and “wrong” players. The player who consistently can’t incorporate their part of the information into macro based team strategies is the player who’s at fault. They are the wrong player.

            There are multiple approaches to one situation, but usually there will be one best approach. The in game shot caller decides which approach to use and the players do it. That’s not synergy, that’s following orders. However synergy makes that process easier, and synergy can be grown in time.

            I don’t know why you’re bringing company coaching into this.

            “Best players are in cloud 9”, lol okay. All players have strengths and weaknesses. Some players, like Faker, have more strengths and less weaknesses than others. These strengths are a players attributes. A team needs a good mix of these attributes, otherwise they will only be good in a limited number of things. They will be countered too easily.
            The definition of best is what needs to be looked at here. SKT is the most consistent high performing team, which makes them the best, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t got weaknesses. It’s the other teams fault for not abusing those weaknesses properly.

            You are completely misinterpreting my argument. I said a team of bronze players doesn’t encourage growth of the sport in a high level environment such as this. The university/highschool LoL games however does encourage growth, because it creates more recognition, and provides more opportunities for younger, lesser skilled players.

            If sponsor of the team negatively influences the audience, the sponsor is bad. Alcohol, smoking, and pornographic sponsors should be banned. Esports is trying to become a family sport. These kinds of sponsors can easily influence children. The average viewing age of LoL should be about 10-25. Banning YP for their sponsorship makes sense entirely. But not banning smoking and alcohol sponsors is just stupid.

            “An advertisement is intended to foster positive attitudes, beliefs, and expectations about a product.

            When tobacco products are associated with activities such as sport, having a strong appeal to youth, there is an increased risk that smoking behaviour will be seen as acceptable, even desirable.

            The link between exposure to tobacco promotion and smoking behaviour is well documented. Research has confirmed that the impact of tobacco advertising is significant; even when cultural background, socioeconomic status, or parental and peer smoking behaviour is taken into consideration” ( /knowledge_base/organised_sport/sport_integrity/tobacco_sponsorship_and_advertising_in_sport).

          • Mac Halterman

            For the most part I’ve agreed with everything you’ve said, and yes blatant smoking sponsors do increase usage. However, every NFL team has has a number of smoking and alcohol sponsors, and every college venue is sponsored by alcohol. I agree with the sentiment that we shouldn’t be exposing persons to this, but it is the real world. Furthermore their sponsor really isn’t obvious. They use YP as their actual team name, it’s not like when we refer to a team as TSM, SKT, etc. For them it is actually just YP, further more there is no blatant advertisement I’ve seen, even on this website, to link the team to that sponsorship.
            The Cloud 9 thing is a pretty common joke among American players. Cloud 9 is renown for just hiring the best players they can and then their teams losing because they cannot synergize.
            As for the rest of what you’ve said, I do agree with it. I simply feel that that they are not being given a fair chance. Three of their members have been solid tier II players for a long time. I am saying that they could very well bust in and should have the chance to do so, and if they don’t then they can play tier II. My issue with this is that it shouldn’t be up to RIOT in this case to kill a team. That being said, the banning two months ago of Team Renegades (RNG) and Team Dragon Knights was justified because player safety was in jeopardy. It had been three years since the last banning of a team by RIOT. Then suddenly we had three teams banned all tied at one incident, and now we’re facing another team ban. That’s a very substantial ban rate increase. Especially in this incident where all you have to do is let them play their own way in or out just like every other team who tries to break into the pros.

          • Bitte

            You act like their teamwork will mask the fact that they are platinum. If my college team has a lowest ranked requirement of Diamond 5 and we barely make it in NACC I don’t thin a plat team will make it anywhere. Sure team work can make a difference but it will never be enough when they are feeding in every lane vs teams that have had months of experience working together and are significantly more skilled than the opposing team

          • Asia Mysza

            This is my main account, greetings guys 🙂

          • Bitte

            Impressive but you can’t carry everyone you need more than just you to be able to play at a D1/Master level. Also the fact that you joined an all girls team is kinda wack. If you really want to prove yourself which you could you should grind in ranked and get good enough to join a challenger series or even LCS team no need yo compete in ‘all womens league’ this isn’t football men and women are equal on the rift

          • Mac Halterman

            I agree with that, but let it be decided on the Rift, Tier II teams get chances to play in to pro level several times a year, what RIOT has done is banned them from being allowed to even try to play in… That is wrong. If they aren’t a good enough team then they won’t get in. This team is merely guilty of association. They, in and of themselves, have not done anything wrong. As had been said many times, three of them have been solid tier II players for years, I am sure they would succeed at that level, but they have been denied to even be allowed to play at that level. Not because they have partaken in cheating, or their team has put them in risky work conditions, but because they signed with “the wrong named team”. They are only guilty of association and that is wrong.

          • Juice Desu

            Nice fedora

          • RD20

            Diamond is not just below pro, going from low diamond to challenger is nearly as big a jump in mmr as bronze to diamond. I’m D3 I’ve played against pros they dumpster me the skill gap is enormous.

        • Aryenzz

          I was Diamond 2. But I just had problems long time ago and I couldnt stop playing even being on a big lose streak. I’ve played with males and you can ask them if I deserve d5 elo or not. Also, our toplaner is not platinum, thats smurf, her main acc is Dia 1/Master. Our support is Diamond too, her peak this season was D2. You can ask a lot of people who dropped to d5 from “”high”” elo. Our midlaner was Diamond last season, and jungler is dia 5.
          Like you only check elo. Or win ratio. This is the first seasn my winratio is worse 🙂
          You could check other seasons aswell. And win ratio.
          Greetings everyone.

          Adc, Aryenzz.

      • Mork Pinnye

        I did my research based on
        If I made a mistake I appologise, but according to Bitte, the average rank is between Diamond 5 and Plat 4. I wasn’t too far off.

  • FakerPlayMaker

    I wonder what the coach do to them at the gamer house if they don’t make a play right hmmm. Are they going to ANALyzed the gameplay so they can play better XD

  • Tso

    Not this shit again.

    • Bitte

      More importantly Remilia was pre-op so Pro Play is still Wang only

  • Sam Sharpe

    I’d watch porn with the one in the middle and the one on the left./s

    Jokes aside, its really sad that this is the excuse of female “pros” we get in LoL. If women want to compete then we shouldnt cop out and give unskilled females money for no reason or competitive integrity.

  • Guilherme

    I don’t care about their elo, I want to see photos of the girls!

  • NigNogGoliwog

    5-way dyke orgy? Gaming on the side