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Starcraft II player Dragon joins Team YP!

February 16th, 2016 3 Comments

We are happy to announce the most recent addition to our roster: Jeon Yong-Soo.
Better known as “Dragon” to the Starcraft II community and tournament scene, he will now be representing Team YP in the eSports gaming circuit. Dedicated to Starcraft, Dragon approached us with the intention of playing in major competitions. He expressed his desire for a collaborative sponsorship, not only to help the growth of his career, but also the growth of Team YP on the eSports scene.

“I connected with Team YP through the support and passion of my fans. They supported me and helped me a lot through my journey to find the perfect team for me, and it was clear after talking with them that YP was the team I wanted to be a part of. I am grateful for my fans for this, because without them I would most likely not have been where I am now, and I see them as family,” said Dragon, “Team YP has been very welcoming so far and I’m excited to start my journey as a Team YP Player. I hope you’ll support me and Team YP!”

Jeon Yong-Soo is an incredibly talented SC2 player with ten years of experience under his belt and a constantly growing fan base thanks to his popular streaming channel on Twitch. Dragon has an exhaustive list of achievements as a player, from playing in the HomeStory Cup, IGN Pro League, Iron Squid, Global Starcraft II League, Lone Star Clash, Evil Geniuses Master’s Cup and much more. In 2014, he founded the Dragon Invitations Tournament Series online tournament, which was casted on his stream.

“We’re excited to announce our expansion into Starcraft II,” said Brad Burns, Vice President, Team YP, “Dragon is an excellent addition to the team and we are thrilled to be working with such a popular and talented competitor who truly embodies the Team YP spirit.”

Welcome to Team YP, Dragon. SUCCESS!

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PHMKT-831 - V1

Farewell and good luck Bizzarro Flame!

February 2nd, 2016 2 Comments

On June 8th 2015, Jason “Bizzarro Flame” Yoon became a proud member of the Team YP eSports organization. He has since proven himself to be a valuable team mate with a flashy play style, unquestionable integrity and incredible showmanship. His combos have lead him to become something of a Ganondorf legend. Stomps and uptilts abound, along with crispy movement, his Ganon packs a powerful punch. Not forgetting that pink looks undeniably great on him.

On this second day of February 2016, we are announcing that Bizzarro Flame has decided to retire from professional eSports to focus on his career as an attorney. As an organization it is bittersweet to say farewell to a player, but we could not be more proud to have worked with the best active Ganondorf player in the world and we support his decision wholeheartedly.

Bizzarro Flame had the following to say regarding his retirement:

“It has been a wonderful and amazing experience working with Team YP. Unfortunately, there comes a time when a person has to prioritize on other career goals for the betterment of his or her own future. Nevertheless, I have learned so much from this team, and I could not have asked for a better sponsor. My involvement in the competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee community will be limited from now on, but I will still visit/attend events here and there to show my support for the community. I would like to deeply thank Team YP for providing me with opportunities to explore my potential as a professional player and providing me with the utmost support anytime I needed assistance. And I truly thank the team for completely understanding my decision to concentrate on my legal career.”

Jason, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors! We have no doubt that for someone with your charisma and talent, being a lawyer will be EASY MONEY.

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Team YP - Censorship blogpost - option 2

Team YP introduces new jersey design in reaction to censorship by Capcom Cup organizers.

December 3rd, 2015 8 Comments

Since its introduction, the iconic Team YP jersey and logo has been an instant fan favorite and welcomed with open arms by eSports event organizers around the world. In a surprising twist, Team YP has announced a new logo design just a year after its debut. “Given the popularity of our logo we were inspired to censor it in order to give it an air of mystery and indifference,” said Brad Burns, Vice President, Team YP.

Team YP is positioned as a safe for work brand, avoiding any mentions of parent company YouPorn on the team’s website, social media accounts and jersey. However, even with these measures, it was not enough to satisfy every single person on the planet. “We’ve had success with Team YP and have already gone to great lengths to try and make sure that our team name does not offend a single gamer or Street Fighter tournament organizer,” said Burns. “I believe that this self-censorship of the Team YP logo, will help us take that next step and make sure that absolutely no one knows who is sponsoring our eSports players.”

Team YP’s Ultra Street Fighter IV player, YP|Valmaster, will be wearing the new censored logo design at the 2015 Capcom Cup Finals, and hopes that no one can decipher his sponsor’s name from his sponsored apparel.

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blog banner csgo new team

Team Phenomenon & Team NewEra signed by Team YP

November 13th, 2015 7 Comments

We recently announced that Team YP was seeking to add two CS:GO teams to its ever growing roster. Today this search has come an end with the acquisition of teams Phenomenon and NewEra.

Our men’s team, Phenomenon, consists of:

Alexey “1uke” Zimin
Dmitry “Dima” Bandurka
Dmitriy “S0tF1k” Forostyanko (Captain)
Petr “krecker” Stepanov
Pavel “COLDYY1” Veklenko

Egor “fuRy^” Morin (Manager)
Nick “Certus” Poluyanov (Coach)

“We are very happy that we became part of Team YP, because they have proven themselves as sponsors in a huge industry like eSports,” said Dmitriy, Phenomenon, Team Captain, “I think that now we can fully concentrate on the game and our training with their support. I believe that together we will achieve greater results!”
One of the greatest achievements that their team has achieved in their short time together is a third place finish at UCC Season 3. They’ve been playing together for seven months and this is only the start of things to come. They were only a step away from attending Majors such as DreamHack and ESL Cologne which is something they feel that they will achieve in the future. “It’s just a question of time, especially with the support of such a huge organization like Team YP,” said Dmitriy, Phenomenon, Team Captain, “Our greatest goal is to attend major events and to be recognized as a team. Right now we are focusing on the upcoming ESL ESEA Pro League, and on winning the nearest CIS tournament, which will be held in Moscow!”

Our women’s team, NewEra, consists of:

Ksenzik Alexandra “Riley” Konstantinovna (Captain)
Mishutina Darya “dshq” Vyacheslavovna
Galichenko Kristina “BloodyElf” Ryslanovna
Gryaznih Evgeniya “Jen” Aleksandrovna
Ananikova Anna “Ant1ka” Ur’evna

Byzy Artem “gwshka” Evgen’evich (Manager)

NewEra was formed on February 2nd, 2015, as they felt that they could achieve something greater as a team. “CS for us, it is a challenge, it’s emotion, it’s an integral part of our lives,” said Ksenzik Alexandra “Riley” Konstantinovna, NewEra, Team Captain, “We are honored to work with Team YP, it’s a big step for the development of our team, this is a new motivation to get better and show the best results possible.”

Their most memorable achievement is their second place finish at the Female ESWC EU Qualifier #2. NewEra hopes to conquer the Copenhagen games as well as win ESWC.

We can’t wait to see what exciting things that the future holds for both of our CS:GO teams.

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