Exclusive Interview with Ragabash!

Lauren from our social media team recently had the chance to sit down with Ragabash of the DOTA2 division of Team YP. We took this opportunity to discuss the changes to their lineup and the future of eSports. Check out the interview below and let me know what you’d like to see in future interviews in the comments section!

Q: DOTA2 is a game that requires a heavy time commitment.  What does the training regimen and tournament schedule look like for the team?

A: We play all the tournaments and qualifiers we can. We train 4-5 days a week with the team and we play solo as well.

Q: What are some of the team’s exciting achievements?  What do you hope to accomplish this year?

A: This past December we played in the most important Spanish tournament, Gamergy, and came in third. We are hoping to get a better result at the next tournament.

Q: eSports and online gaming are constantly changing.  What do you think of the new major changes coming for DOTA2?

A: We are very excited with the new changes of DOTA2 Reborn and think that it will help increase the numbers of players. Adding extra tournaments beyond The International will help improve the competitive scene and attract new major players.

Q: How has the team grown and changed?  Do you have any teams or players you look up to?

A: We’ve been training hard to improve our plays. We’ve also made some additions to the lineup including one member that ranks among the top 100 European leader board. The new members are Shokar, Yeskon and Lords of Chicken.

We like to watch top professional teams such as EG or Team Secret.

Q: In closing, is there anything you want to add about Team YP or the team in general?

A: Thank you all for the support on social media and to YP for giving us this opportunity.

Stay tuned for more from Team YP!