Starcraft II player Dragon joins Team YP!

We are happy to announce the most recent addition to our roster: Jeon Yong-Soo.
Better known as “Dragon” to the Starcraft II community and tournament scene, he will now be representing Team YP in the eSports gaming circuit. Dedicated to Starcraft, Dragon approached us with the intention of playing in major competitions. He expressed his desire for a collaborative sponsorship, not only to help the growth of his career, but also the growth of Team YP on the eSports scene.

“I connected with Team YP through the support and passion of my fans. They supported me and helped me a lot through my journey to find the perfect team for me, and it was clear after talking with them that YP was the team I wanted to be a part of. I am grateful for my fans for this, because without them I would most likely not have been where I am now, and I see them as family,” said Dragon, “Team YP has been very welcoming so far and I’m excited to start my journey as a Team YP Player. I hope you’ll support me and Team YP!”

Jeon Yong-Soo is an incredibly talented SC2 player with ten years of experience under his belt and a constantly growing fan base thanks to his popular streaming channel on Twitch. Dragon has an exhaustive list of achievements as a player, from playing in the HomeStory Cup, IGN Pro League, Iron Squid, Global Starcraft II League, Lone Star Clash, Evil Geniuses Master’s Cup and much more. In 2014, he founded the Dragon Invitations Tournament Series online tournament, which was casted on his stream.

“We’re excited to announce our expansion into Starcraft II,” said Brad Burns, Vice President, Team YP, “Dragon is an excellent addition to the team and we are thrilled to be working with such a popular and talented competitor who truly embodies the Team YP spirit.”

Welcome to Team YP, Dragon. SUCCESS!

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