Team YP introduces new jersey design in reaction to censorship by Capcom Cup organizers.

Since its introduction, the iconic Team YP jersey and logo has been an instant fan favorite and welcomed with open arms by eSports event organizers around the world. In a surprising twist, Team YP has announced a new logo design just a year after its debut. “Given the popularity of our logo we were inspired to censor it in order to give it an air of mystery and indifference,” said Brad Burns, Vice President, Team YP.

Team YP is positioned as a safe for work brand, avoiding any mentions of parent company YouPorn on the team’s website, social media accounts and jersey. However, even with these measures, it was not enough to satisfy every single person on the planet. “We’ve had success with Team YP and have already gone to great lengths to try and make sure that our team name does not offend a single gamer or Street Fighter tournament organizer,” said Burns. “I believe that this self-censorship of the Team YP logo, will help us take that next step and make sure that absolutely no one knows who is sponsoring our eSports players.”

Team YP’s Ultra Street Fighter IV player, YP|Valmaster, will be wearing the new censored logo design at the 2015 Capcom Cup Finals, and hopes that no one can decipher his sponsor’s name from his sponsored apparel.

  • NightmareSnake

    Clever little shits.

  • Walter Poe


  • Blood Red Ganon

    You sly fuckers. I love it.

  • Tom Scott Pisapia

    where do i buy one of these jerseys?

  • chris sobolewski

    “avoiding any mentions of parent company YouPorn on the team’s website” … well… shit.

  • Rob

    The jerseys do have to match the team. Original and clever, gj.

  • Ryan Griffiths

    Love it 😀

  • Natasha

    Since when is having the team name “You Play” sound like (You Porn) If you ask me ESL is overreacting and childish, what people choose to do or how they choose to get sponsored outside ESPORTS, or Team You Play’s Website is flat out stupid, and a really embarrassing for ESL.