About Us

Who are we?

Founded in December 2014, Team YP is a successful eSports organization whose players have competed in many tournaments worldwide.

The latest addition to our roster includes a strong SC2 player, and we’re heavily involved in the fighting game scene, sponsoring players in Super Smash Bros Melee, Mortal Kombat X and Ultra Street Fighter IV which is likely to expand to include Street Fighter V in the coming year.

We sponsor teams in FPS games including two CS:GO teams and a world class European Evolve team.

We currently sponsor over 25 players worldwide including team members from the USA, Canada, Greece, France, United Kingdom and Russia. As we continue to grow in the coming years we look forward to adding a League of Legends team to our eSports roster.


Our team has made many appearance at major tournaments worldwide, including:

– Gamergy 2014
– Gamergy 2015
– CEO 2015
– EVO 2015
– HTC Throwdown 2015
– Paragon 2015
– EGX 2015
– Red Fight District 2015
– Milan Games Week 2015
– Kakutop 3
– Street Fighter Grand Battle 2015
– SoCal Regionals 2015
– iBuyPower 2015
– ESL Evolve Major League 2015
– Capcom Cup 2015
– MLG Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Major Championship Qualifier: Columbus 2016

Mission Statement:

We aim to support the eSports industry and help our players grow with our team. We are currently focusing on providing professional gamers all the tools and support required to climb the eSports ladder and obtain results that will speak for themselves.

We believe that gaming should be an open forum free of discrimination, where players of all genders and ethnicities can compete on equal grounds. We strive to be the best through hard work, inclusiveness and fairness.